Week 10 Work

I started the week by publishing a story about an email correspondence between the Columbia Police Officers Association and the City Mayor. We received information about the emails on Sunday evening, where we wrote the story and waited until the next morning to publish it. https://www.columbiamissourian.com/news/local/columbia-police-officers-association-criticizes-city-official-for-testifying-in/article_43860068-b773-11e7-a7fc-6bb8998ede08.html Later in the week, I attended a public discussion… Continue reading Week 10 Work

Week 10 Lecture

This week in lecture, Katherine spoke about trauma and behavior. She gave us background about PTSD and how we can report accurately, compassionately and constructively. PTSD can cause heightened anxiety, panic attacks and numbing in victims of trauma. When interviewing survivors, carefully explaining our intentions and regulating physical movement (our body language toward individuals) are… Continue reading Week 10 Lecture